18 .5 2016

XO Necole - Don’t Dim Your Light Girl! Here’s 5 Major Keys for Confidently Sharing Your Achievements

Whether it’s a promotion, negotiating salary, dating or even being able to confidently share our success with friends, women downplay their achievements in many ways. Communications professional and ex-Hill staffer Safiya Jafari Simmons was stunned when she came across the stats about the confidence gap between men and women. She decided to do something about the way women project their confidence in and out of the boardroom by founding Leap Executives Strategies.
11 .7 2016

Life Abundantly Coaching - Purpose Driven Woman

This month’s Purpose Driven Woman is Safiya Jafari Simmons. She is a wife, mother, and amazing woman of God. She is the CEO of SJS Consulting, the founder of the Leap Luncheon Series, and Curator of RadicalNewU. She walked away from her day job a few years ago to pursue her passion and hasn’t looked back. I met Safiya a year or so ago when a mutual friend insisted that we meet because she thought that we would connect immediately. Our friend was absolutely right and Safiya has been a blessing to my life ever since.
1 .6 2016

Lehigh University - Giving Voice to Vision

Safiya Jafari Simmons '03 was sure she wanted to be an electrical engineer. She chose the science and technology track in high school, took advanced math and science courses, along with some programming courses, and did some elementary circuits and robotics work at a local university.

"That interest, coupled with the fact that Lehigh has a well-renowned engineering program and that my mother Linda (Washington) Jafari '77 is an alumna, made Lehigh an easy decision for me," says Simmons. "I'd been visiting the campus since my junior year, knew some faculty and other leaders, and it already felt like home. I was accepted to a few colleges, but they were never really contenders. Lehigh had me at my first step on South Mountain."

4 .12 2014

The Globe & Mail - The two conflicting narratives of Ferguson

It’s a rare person who can get beyond the two simplistic versions of this story and give us a deeper, more nuanced glimpse of the truth. One voice worth hearing is that of Safiya Jafari Simmons, who explained on the CNN website why she feels torn about the grand jury verdict. She is a black woman who is raising a black son, and her black husband is a cop. “The grand jury’s decision seems to double down on a pattern in this country of killing black boys without care or consequences,” she writes. But as the wife of an officer, “I can’t support either camp fully – neither the outraged black community nor the justice system sworn to protect us. … All cops aren’t bad. All cops aren’t racist. … They are people doing a job that few are brave enough to take on.”
29 .4 2015

The Root - A Cop’s Wife Says Police Officers’ Lives Must Matter, Too

I’m sure they mean well.

The folks soliciting prayers for Baltimore’s “frustrated” juvenile rioters.

But I’m tempted to respond to their calls for prayer with a request for prayers for the officers being attacked just for showing up at work.

Then I think better of it, because mine isn’t a popular opinion and I’m not in the mood to defend my blackness to anyone, and because clearly I can't be pro-black and pro-law enforcement.

But I am. My husband is a 10-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., and some of its Civil Disturbance Units were just deployed to Baltimore.

23 .1 2015

Capitol Standard - A new luncheon series invites you to lunch with influencers.

“You can’t let the fear that you’re going to do something wrong stop you from taking action,” says Rhee to two dozen women lunching on salmon and polenta. “You’ve just got to be kind of fearless about how you run your life.”

Rhee believes women can have it all. “You just can’t have it perfect,” she says, noting that women need to arrange their lives in such a way that makes room for both a family and career.

The lunch was organized by Safiya Jafari Simmons— a public relations heavyweight who formerly worked with Rhee– and is the first in what is shaping up to be an impressive series of women’s empowerment events.

18 .2 2015

The Heat discusses law enforcement and race in America

The Heat discusses law enforcement and race in America news segment discussion click link to view.
15 .1 2015

Leap Luncheon Launch Announcement

The Founder of the Leap Luncheon Series, Safiya Jafari Simmons, was here to tell us more about the event. And joining her by phone was the Former DC Public Schools Chancellor and guest speaker, Michelle Rhee.
22 .1 2015

Washington Post - Michelle Rhee weighs in on women’s empowerment on visit to D.C.

Rhee was in Washington with her husband for the winter meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. She did not collect a fee for speaking Thursday; the lunch was organized by Safiya Jafari Simmons, who did public relations for Rhee in the D.C. school system and said it is the first in a series of women’s empowerment events she is planning.
24 .11 2014

CNN - Why I feel torn about the Ferguson verdict

I dreaded the Ferguson grand jury response for weeks. Not simply because I knew it was likely to lead to more heartache and unrest for the black community -- my community -- but because it would most certainly dredge up deep internal conflict for me.
I'm raising a black boy to be a black man. So the grand jury's decision seems to double down on a pattern in this country of killing black boys without care or consequences.
4 .12 2014

Huffington Post - On Being Breathless

More sirens than usual tonight. They’re the only thing slicing through the silence. Because tonight, as my children sleep and I try to settle down for the evening...

I can’t breathe.

I can’t cry.

And I can’t turn my mind off.

Now, let’s get something cleared up right now: where my piece for CNN exposed my inner conflict about the outcome of the Ferguson Grand Jury, there is no confusion in my heart or mind or conscience tonight.

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